9 Series To Look Out For This Ramadan

Whether you watch them with your family and relatives or gather with your friends for a midnight snack, one thing is a defendant, Ramadan series help bring people together. So to get you hyped up and ready here are our seven most anticipated series of this year’s Ramadan.
1.Aho Da Elli Sar

The series stays vague when it comes to the details of its storyline, but we do know that it will portray the struggles, troubles, and hardships that women face in Upper Egypt. The series will star the gorgeous Ruby alongside with Sawsan Badr, Mohamed Farrag, Arwa Gouda, Ahmed Dawood, and Mahmoud El-Bezawy.
2.Ard El Nefaq

A remake of the late Fouad El Mohandas’s movie, the series will star Mohamed Henidy and Hania Shiha and will follow the life of a man who stumbles into a store that sells pills that can amplify certain human traits. We can’t wait to see how Henidy will portray this role!
3. Awalem Khafeya

The legend Adel Emam is back once again with a thriller series that follows a journalist who obtains rather dangerous and classified documents that incriminates several important government officials. After taking the decision to publish the documents, his life and the lives of everyone he cares about is put at risk.

4.Bani Youssef

Even though we still don’t know the main plot of the series, but we have high hopes based on its cast. The series will star Yousra, Sherine Reda, Nagla’ Badr, and Ahmed Hatem, who we have seen together in the 2016 hit TV series “Fok Mostawa El Shobohat”. They will also be joined by Salma Abu Deif.

5.Bil Hagm El 3a2ely

Yehia El Fakharany and Mervat Amin’s first collaboration after decades of their last one! The duo makes a comeback in a comedy series, following an ex-diplomat who decides to renew his passion for cooking after his retirement.

6.Dedd Maghoul

Ghada Abd El Razek makes a comeback as a middle-class divotced employee and mother of a teenage girl who he is attacked and viciously raped. The mother then breaks all rules and laws out there to hunt down her daughter’s rapist and to take justice into her own hands.


The series starring Nelly Karim and Hisham Selim follows the story of a woman who comes to Cairo after her husband mysteriously disappears and starts a dangerous journey to find out what really happened to her husband.

8. Layali Eugine


Amina Khalil and Dhafer L’Abidine star this year in an Egyptian version of the Spanish novel Eugenie De Monte Cottessa. The events take place in the 1940s and it tells the story of a Spanish woman who becomes the empress of France.

9. Al-Waseya

The trailer says nothing about the plot. However, we’re so excited to see what Akram Hosny and Ahmed Amin can do together! Both actors have been making us laugh for decades seperately, and so, we have high hopes about the level of comedy in this one.

Ramadan is less than one month away and we just cannot wait to watch everything!