Growing Up Lessons To Learn From Monica Geller

Finding an answer to the question of which character of FRIENDS is my favorite was never easy. I’ve been always trying to figure out which character of FRIENDS is my favorite because I can somehow feel connected to every character of them but when it comes to learning how to grow up, I think Monica Geller inspired me the most.

Monica is an awesome woman who had to overcome so much and the mother of the group has some lessons that can help us making that transition into adulthood.

1-Do it with passion or not at all:

Monica is a boss lady who’s has been always passionate about cooking but it’s not only cooking that she does it with all of her heart. I mean who hosts a party or organize records better than the Geller girl.

2-A clean house is a better house:

One of the greatest lessons that you can learn from Monica is how important is to have a clean house. If you want cleaning tips there’s no one’s better than her to learn from.

3-Plan everything:

Having everything planned is her profession.She knows when is the exact time to take the next step and the exact minute to start having fun. Watching Monica planning her life is very inspirational and can always motivate you to getting control over your life.

4-It’s okay to be a bit competitive:

At some point you need to start having a competitive spirit like Monica’s and accept the fact you actually know things. Even though the lesson says that it’s not all about winning, Monica made winning look so fun.

5-Choose your friends wisely:

When it comes to friends there’s no one better than the Geller Girl. Choosing the right group of friends is very important especially at this point of your life where you are trying to adult because those people we’ll mostly be there for the rest of your life.

Don’t you love Queen Monica?