The Top 2018 Fashion Items That You Totally Need in Your Wardrobe

It’s only been four months into 2018 but there are tons of trends emerging. If you’re still wondering which ones to buy on your next shopping trip, here are out favourite pieces that recently joined our wardrobes.

Black Side Popper Red Stripe Trousers

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Chances are you’ve probably seen someone wearing those before! These can practically be worn anywhere from a party to a casual dinner. The buttons and the high split make the pants look perfectly elegant.

Micro Floral Patterns

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Floral clothing never truly go out of fashion. For this year, it’s tiny cute flowers which can be dresses or shirts. Either way, they’re amazing for summer.

Casual Wide Leg Pants

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Ahh, is the skinny jeans trend over? We hope so. These wide-legged pants aren’t only super comfy but also look so chic.

Black Tulle Blouse

Image result for tulle blouses 2018Tulle clothes always look marvelous, but when worn black they look even more stunning!

Pearl Jeans

Image result for pearl jeansThese jeans aren’t very common but we love them anyway! The pearls add a lovely spice to regular jeans making them look incredibly stylish.

Shoulder-Skimming Earrings

Image result for shoulder skimming earringsWho knew wearing ‘faranshat’ as earrings could be the next trend? Extend your arm to your nearest couch and pull them off to slay this look!