Rape and murder of Indian girl increases religious tensions.

In northern India, an 8-year-old girls named Ashifa, and member of a nomad Muslim tribe, got raped and murdered by a group of Hindu men, confined by a Hindu temple.

After several investigations, the police confirmed that the crime was planned by the temple custodian, Sanji Ram. Ram, a great opponent of the muslim group, planned the crime in order to let the group leave the area.

As a result, conflicts between the two groups have been increasing in the streets. The government is being divided, as part of it supports the muslims and the other part supports Hindus, accusing muslims of lying.

The conflict between Muslims and Hindus has been common in India for the past 7 decades, since the Indian independence. The conflict has raised more lately with the country being led by a Hindu extremist, with parties supporting his ideologies.