Sharmoofers Finally Drop Moftaqed El Habiba After Weeks of Teasing

Via Sharmoofers' official page

After weeks of teasing us with interviews about relationships that all revolve about knowing Moftaqed Eih, it was revealed that Mr. Sharmoofer El 3azim actually Moftaqed El Habiba.

With the help of their band manager, Daliah Galal, and her killer team at The Carousel World, Sharmoofers went the distance before dropping this bomb. For weeks they prepared interviews and dropped teasers preparing the audience for their latest hit.

The song goes in a direction where the band has never been, featuring the beautiful Yasmin Raeis as Bahaa’s long lost lover that he deeply misses. Moe, on the other hand, represents the perfect thirdwheel -which is an essential part in any relationship, so, good job, Moe-

The music video had this atmosphere that nobody could deny. The shots by the sea, the inner conflict, the diversion between the memories of a happy and the heartbroken couple, all helped getting us in the place where Hadi El Bagoury wanted us to be.

What do you think of Sharmoofers’ new style in music? We personally believe that they NAILED IT!