Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony to Congress wrap up

Facebook chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg stood on trail in front of the US Congress following invading privacy and data sharing crisis

The Congress included several key points during the arguments that lasted for five hours straight, first was clarifying how Facebook manages every account’s privacy, Cambridge Analytica’s access to the data and the users messages and selling data to more servers

It all started when Facebook sold personal data of  71m users to Cambridge Antractica and two more firms that were misused to develop political propaganda campaigns in the UK referendum and the US presidential elections


“When we heard back from Cambridge Analytica that they had told us that they weren’t using the data and deleted it, we considered it a closed case. In retrospect, that was clearly a mistake. We shouldn’t have taken their word for it. We’ve updated our policy to make sure we don’t make that mistake again.”  Zuckerberg clarified

“It was my mistake, and I’m sorry. I started Facebook, I run it, and I’m responsible for what happens here.” the 33 year old multi millionaire has opened the hearing with an apology

Mark Zuckerberg has also revealed that his team are investigating every application that had access to the information  and if they caught any improper used data, the involved are going to be banned from Facebook


Senator Dick Durbin one of the top democratic senators asked Zuckerberg an awkward question during trial, if he would be comfortable sharing the name of the hotel he stayed in last night?

“No. I would probably not choose to do that publicly, here” he said. “I think everyone should have control over how their information is used.” Zuckerberg replied

The Congress witnessed a ferocious argument between Mark and the Senators and the trial is only the start of more reveal of what’s covered under the sheets in every social media platform

Mark has now passed the senators committee and his house committee is running live now