Top 5 Reasons Why Mahmoud El Esseily is One of Our Favorite Musicians

Following his Valentine’s Day hit; heyya, Mahmoud El Esseily chose to leave a mark on 2018’s Easter celebrations when he dropped his latest music video, Fi Hetta Tanya. The song is catchy, romantic and will make you dance all at the same time. So, while dancing to the tunes of Fi Hetta Tanya, we thought of some reasons that make Esseily one of the best artists in the Egyptian music scene lately..

  1. He has such a powerful and extremely beautiful voice


There’s no doubt that Esseily is one of the most talented singers in the current period. He was gifted with very powerful vocal cords and he knows how to use them well!

2. He’s romantic, but not cheesy


There’s a fine line between being romantic and cheesy, Esseily stands right on that line. He knows how to give us the perfect balance between romantic yet realistic song, and that rarely happens.

3. He’s diverse


He goes beyond the love and breakup topics in his songs. There’s always a surprise when it comes to a Mahmoud El Esseily song and we totally love that.

4. His old songs never really grow old


Who doesn’t remember Tararam, Magnouna, and Walad Rassam.. Shall I go on? Esseily is smart when it comes to word choice, music and every secret aspect he uses to make sure that his hits stick to our minds for eternity.

5. His wedding performances are probably the best


Esseily is known for being the top Egyptian singer for any wedding. His music fits. His attitude and performance are guaranteed to make your wedding day a happy memory that nobody would ever forget.