Son of former Egyptian PM takes away his own life after playing Blue Whale suicide game.

A game called Blue Whale is taking over on an international level, and many teens in many countries took away their own lives after playing this game.

The game consists in giving the player 50 challenging tasks in the course of 50 days, with the final challenge of the player committing suicide.

It’s been reported on Al-Ahram online that the son of former Egyptian Prime Minister Hamdy Al Fakharany, Khaled Al Fakharany, has committed suicide by hanging and was found dead in his room on Monday.

Yasmine Al Fakharany, Khaled’s sister, admitted in a Facebook post that her brother was a religious person and suicide wouldn’t have been an easy decision he would take. She states that the family found scribbles on papers written by the boy, inspired by the gameIMG_9712

The game is developed by a 21-year-old Russian, Philip Budeikin, in 2016. He has been sentenced to 3 years in prison in August 2017, yet showing no regrets about developing the game.

Similar incidents happened in the past few weeks in other countries, such as Tunisia, Algeria and Ukraine, and all the victims were kids or teenagers.