#GoingHistorical: 30 Interesting Events Happened In April!

Have you ever wondered how interesting may today have been many years ago? We’ve gathered 30 interesting events took place in April along history, get ready to have some fun!

1st of April 1976:
-Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak found Apple Computer Company in the garage of Jobs’ parents house in Cupertino, California.

2nd of April 1954:
-Official plans for Disneyland‘s layout were announced.

3rd of April 1933:
-Two aircrafts flew above the peak of Mount Everest, which was the first flight to reach that limit in history.

4th of April 1975:
-Microsoft was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen.

5th of April 1847:
-The first public civic park in the world was open; Birkenhead Park in England.

6th of April 1889:
-The first roll film was sold by Kodak.

7th of April 1969:
-The birth of the Internet.

8th of April 1820:
-The Discovery of the famous Greek statue Venus De Milo.

9th of April 1667:
-The beginning of Salon in Paris,France ; which was the 1st public art exhibition in history.

10th of April 1858:
-The great bell in the clock tower in Palace of Westminster in London was officially given the name Big Ben.

11th of April 1976:
-The Apple Computer I, a desktop personal computer, was officially released by Apple,Inc.

12th of April 1961:
-The end of the 1st journey in outer space in history by the Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin after completing one orbit around the earth.

13th of April 1668:
-The placement of the first poet laureate, an honorary position appointed by the monarch of the United Kingdom, and it was assigned to the English poet John Dryden.

14th of April 1912:
RMS Titanic ship hit the iceberg off the cost of Newfoundland.

15th of April 1877:
-The installation of the 1st telephone service in history by Charles Williams Jr. , connecting his home with his shop.

16th of April 1929:
-The 1st time numbers were added on the players’ jerseys, and the 1st team who did this was NY Yankees baseball team.

17th of April 1966:
-The 100th international soccer match, between Netherlands and Belgium (3-1)

18th of April 1924:
-The publication of the 1st crossword puzzle book by Simon & Schuster.

19th of April 1770:
-British explorer Captain James Cook 1st sighted the eastern coastline of Australia.

20th of April 1879:
-The 1st mobile home in history, horse drawn from London to Cyprus.

21st of April 1983:
-One pound coin was 1st introduced in the United Kingdom.

22nd of April 1884:
-Thomas Stevens starts the 1st bike trip around world, which took 2 years and 9 months.

23rd of April 1597:
-William Shakespeare’s “The Merry Wives of Windsor” was 1st performed, in attendance of Queen Elizabeth I.

24th of April 1913:
-The opening of the tallest skyscraper in the world during that time, Woolworth Building in New York City.

25th of April 1954:
-The announcement of the 1st solar battery made from silicon.

26th of April 1336:
– Italian poet Francesco Petrarch was the 1st one to climb Mont Ventoux.

27th of April 1867:
-The 1st performance of William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juilet in Paris.

28th of April 1910:
-The end of the 1st long-distance aeroplane race in England, 1910 London to Manchester air race.

29th of April 1852:
-The publication of the 1st edition of Peter Roget’s Thesaurus, the widely used English language thesaurus.

30th of April 1859:
-The 1st weekly installment of Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities ran was published in the first issue of All the Year Round. The novel was published in 31 weekly installments in Dickens’s new literary periodical.