3 Main Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting into A Relationship


It’s real how many people who have previously been in relationships and then chose to stay single for a period of time, take so much time and overthinking of whether they should get into a relationship or not. Not only them, but also those who have never been in a relationship might find it hard to take such decision. The decision is never easy, specially to those who take it on a real serious level.

So before thinking if the other person is the right one, do you think you’re right to them, or to being a partner in general? So whether you’re someone who have had past experiences resisting you from taking a step forward into a new relationship with someone you currently like/love, or you’re someone who has never been in a relationship and contemplating whether you should give your love life a try, here are three main questions you should ask yourself before making up your mind.

#1: Are you ready?

A simple question whose answer might always seem like a yes, but most probably not. All relationships require time and effort, which also might seem easy when you’re being in the “butterflies” phase with someone. But taking a look further, do you have enough energy and responsibility to try make things work? Are you ready to add someone into the crowd of work, study, family and friends?

#2: What about the past?

There’s one thin line between learning from past experiences and getting hit by the past every while. Before even thinking of getting closer to someone, you should be sure that you’re 100% over your ex. Besides being over them, you should definitely have understood what had exactly happened, and why it did. Maturity is simply turning past experiences into lessons, realizing what went wrong, how, and working for better outcomes.

#3: Why do you want to be in a relationship?

Why do you want to be with that certain someone? Or why do you want to be in a relationship? People can get into relationships for many different reasons other than love, maybe they need support, or they need the feeling accompanied by having a partner, or even a Green Card! So before stepping into something, you need to determine if this want of getting into a relationship is driven by love or something else.

Relationships are not games, you can’t just decide to “try out” and leave when things are not that interesting anymore. Responsibility, loyalty and commitment are real musts. Asking yourself questions doesn’t make you a person with fear, but makes you a person that is fair enough to decide if they are capable of getting into a relationship. If you think you have met the one, and found the positive (and most importantly honest) answers to these questions and every question in between, then go for it! But never forget; do not force it, if it’s meant to happen, it will eventually find its way.