Egyptian Author Ahmed Khaled Tawfik Passes Away at The Age of 55

Egyptian novelist, poet and former Professor of Medicine at Tanta University Ahmed Khaled Tawfik died at the age of 55 in a hospital. Tawfik left behind a legacy of more than 200 paperbacks that he wrote over the years.

Being known for his science fiction and horror thrillers, Egypt’s late writer went into dimensions that no other author explored in the Arab world before. Tawfik was the first to explore the medical thriller genre.

The author was known for his Ma Waraa al-Tabiaa or “Beyond Nature” where he introduced Refaat Ismael and gave us a sense of the supernatural in this pocket series. Tawfik’s work also included Utopia, Fantasia and Safari.

After his death, Egyptians started relating him to Refaat from the series, and calling him a “childhood friend that they lost.

Our hearts are broken for the loss of this legend. Yet, his words live on, his legacy lives on and his thoughts will never fade away. RIP Sir Ahmed Khaled Tawfik.