‘Suits’ Returns with 6 Episodes to Bid Farwell to Meghan Markle and Patrick J. Adams

After a draining 6-month break, last Wednesday marked the long-awaited return of the seventh season of Suits, which was warmly welcomed by the show’s fans whose affection for the show had them count down the days and nights till such an enticing moment. Up til this season, the show’s producers at USA Network used to divvy up the regular 16-episode seasons’ to two mini-seasons to be aired at the commencement of the summery July and the latter week of January. However, the long gap between season 7a and 7b was mainly due to the show’s leading actress Meghan Markle, whose renowned affair with Prince Harry had her bid farwell to the acclaimed show after an astonishing 7-year journey with Gabriel Macht and his mesmerizing team of lawyers.

In the wake of Markle’s big news, Patrick J. Adams has also confirmed that the ongoing season will be his last on the set of Suits, which took all the fans by storm as his kick-ass duo with Gabriel Macht is considered the most vital pillar of the show. On the other hand, USA Network has officially renewed the show for an eighth season free of Rachel and Mike as their storyline is to be concluded in the 5 remaining episodes of the current season, which promises a memorable conclusion to their lovable presence and abundant sentiments in the coming weeks.

It’s also worth mentioning that the show’s creator Aaron Korsh has previously managed to overcome the withdrawal of Gina Torres from the show with new characters and subplots that boosted the show’s ratings. It’ll definitely be challenging for him to maintain the show’s standards and keep the story going with the retraction of Markle and Adams, but his writings in the past seasons were brimmed with manifestations of his exceptional scripting talent, which proves that the future of the show is, indeed, in good hands.