Sisi secures second term with an overwhelming majority in 2018 election

With a turnout at 42 percent, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi has been re-elected for a second term with 92% of the vote, according to a report by broadcaster DMC on the number of votes garnered by Sisi (22 million) out of the number of eligible voters (24 million).

In the 2014 presidential elections, Sisi also defeated the only rival, Hamdin Sabbahi, with 96.3 percent against 3.1 percent.

Turnout in the first post-Mubarak elections in 2012, when 13 candidates were running, was 46.4 percent in the first round and 51.8 percent in the runoff won by Islamist candidate Mohamed Morsi.

According to Al-Ahram daily, some 25 million or roughly 42 percent voters cast their ballots in the presidential election that ended yesterday.

It also confirmed that around 92 percent of the votes were for Sisi and only around 3 percent for his rival, Moussa.

Further, a fine of up to EGP 500 will be imposed on those who abstained from voting, the National Election Authority (NEA) said in a statement.

“Eligible people whose names are registered on the voter database and abstained unjustifiably from voting shall pay no more than LE 500 in fines,” Article No. 42 of Egypt’s 2014 Presidential Election Law stipulates.