Road To Russia: Ibn Nufal Starts A New Journey On Bicycle!

Mohamed Nufal is an Egyptian traveller and cyclist. After his successful trip to Gabon which took 70 days, he’s up to a new adventure to Russia!

It’s announced that on the 7th of April, Nufal starts his journey. It’s supposed to take 65 days to show up before the beginning of 2018 Fifa World Cup and supports the Egyptian team there.

Nufal’s journey is sponsored by The Ministry of Youth & Sports, The Russian Culture Center and The Egyptian Cycling Federation. He will cross 5000 km passing by several countries; Jordan, Iraq, Turkey, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Romania till he reaches Russia.

Nufal had many trips before in Egypt, where he explores new places and records what he sees and finds. His trips are one of a kind, and we hope him a successful safe Road To Russia!