Etisalat Vs Orange Vs Vodafone; The Undying Rat Race

Whether your service provider is Etisalat, Vodafone or Orange, it may be of zero caliber to your life, most of the time. This feeling is undoubtedly not mutual with service providers. In fact, it hurt their feelings so much that they went ahead and spent thousands and thousands of pounds trying to prove their worth in your life.
The rivalry between Etisalat and Orange hit high when both providers released advertisements simultaneously, coincidence? We think not.

Orange released an advertisement late February promoting their Dragon tariff plan which is the self-proclaimed ‘’Strongest plan for Youngsters’’. The Dragon tariff plan gives you a voice bucket option to all networks, and internet bucket with a lot of Dragonbytes. Dragonbyte is the newest internet unit, with which, you can make the best use of your internet bucket, and could split your usage among social media, music and internet, the way you like, and with the highest speed.

Furthermore, Orange brought out their guns when they slipped Jamila Adel Awad on the front cover alongside with social media stars like Marwan Younis, Hisham Afifi, and Amr Wahba that gave the advertisement an obvious popularity boost. Despite earlier downfalls with their previous advertisement that was heavily criticized and accused of humiliating the elderly, they managed to make a comeback with the Dragon Tariff Plan. Whether the advertisement was poorly directed and lacked originality or is a masterpiece is highly controversial and up for debate.

And then there’s Etisalat’s advertisement which was released mid March that included Egypt’s die hard football king Mido, the guard of our holy goal net El-Hadary, Zidan and Shawky. What’s interesting about their commercial is that they haled four football players and had them act out ordinary every day casualties with no sport context included, which was uniquely relevant and easily relatable.

The past month also witnessed a similar situation among service providers with the mahraganat craze. The war was started by Orange’s Shamar Yala featuring Abou Hafiza and ended with a powerful competition between Vodafone featuring El Mared and Etisalat featuring El Ostoura, aka Mohamed Ramadan.

Egypt’s newest service provider, WE, also joined the game with Karim Abdel-Aziz as the face of their campaign, however, the campaign where Karim kept looking for ‘gad3ana’ got one of its versions banned by The Supreme Council for Media Regulation for being racist against Africans.

The tension is obviously open-ended and all providers are showing no signs of slowing down, let the entertainment continue.