5 Food and drinks that go well together

In our world, there are two types of people. Ones who simply eat and drink to survive, and then there are others! Those who find themselves reading this article, wanting to know about the fine art of food pairing.Sure, perception is different for everyone, and sure, your expectations will shape how anything you eat or drink tastes. But we shouldn’t discard the idea of pairing because of that—there’s just too much deliciousness to lose. A good food and drink pairing can simply shift a meal or something as simple as a snack from good to heavenly.


1.The loved pairs, as known as, Milk and Oreo’s

Let’s say you ran out of ice-cream and you want something as soothing as it. A glass of cold milk and chocolate-y Oreo is your all time friend and companion.


2.Cherry Coke and Burger

I honestly do not have any scientific data to proof why they both perfectly work together. All the time. If you did not order cherry coke while eating burger, you’re most likely to order it afterwards. Black magic, isn’t it?



3.Oatmeal and Orange Juice

This is one combination that has the power to save you from that quadruple bypass surgery -in case you regularly consume the aforementioned loved pairs above-. Also, it kicks off the ‘healthy person’ inside of you, making your mornings as energetic as they can ever be!



4.The Classic Coffee and Cake

Those one of a kind pair have a charm of their own. Take a moment to think of it, you will probably find cake served usually hand in hand with a warm cup of coffee.




5.Coffee and Donuts

The most famous of them all. The reason why the food and drink trend started, I assume. Let Dunkin Donuts thoughts sink in.


Most of the food and drinks mentioned here are categorized as sinfully unhealthy, but there are also lots of other healthy combinations that go together perfectly as well.Pour a bunch of different options at once and try each one the food food. Are the pairings awesome? Are they awful? Does the food make the drink taste better or worse? Everybody may not agree on the perfect pairing, but you’re bound to discover something delicious. As long as you don’t binge over something, you’re on the safe-side. Bon appetit!