“I am Evidence” Is An Eye Opener To The Broken System of Sexual Assault Crimes

Every year, thousands of rape kits containing DNA evidence are left untested by police around the country. Over 175,000 kits have been uncovered to date, resting in backlogs and storage facilities, each of them an unsolved case.
—Liza Domnitz

I am Evidence is a new HBO documentary that reveals the shocking and lucid truth about rape and sexual assault in the United States, and how authorities haven’t tested an alarming number of hundreds of thousands of rape kits. Most importantly, it tells the story of four survivors of sexual assault, and how they are going through their lives knowing that their rape kits are left in storage untested still to this day!
My role on “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” inspired me to become an activist.” — Mariska Hargitay.

One of the producers of the movie as well as starring in it is Mariska Hargitay! Mariska is known worldwide for her outstanding role in the hit TV series “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit“. She plays the role of Lieutenant Olivia Benson, a cop who deals with cases that involve rape and sexual assault. Basically, Mariska is proof that the art of acting is real! She starred on this series since 1999, and now almost 19 years later Mariska is fighting in the real world, fighting for all of the real victims of sexual assault out there, who are faced with injustice. She stated that after receiving a huge number of letters from victims saying how they wish she was a real cop s that she can take on their cases and help them catch their abuser/rapist, is what sparked in her will and desire to take her fight from the TV screen into the real world.
In 2004, Mariska founded the Joyful Heart Foundation that provides services to thousands of victims of sexual assault, receiving over 150$ million of donations to help those victims!

I’ve seen this film many times and each time I’m so humbled, I feel so incredibly privileged, especially at this moment in history, to have a part of igniting change [and] sparking the conversation [and] continuing the conversation and hopefully being a part of how society responds to sexual assault and domestic violence. That’s what we sought to do here.” — She said at the Q&A of the screening of the movie!

This heart-wrenching documentary brings much-needed attention to the disturbing reality of how the justice system has historically treated sexual assault victims/survivors.


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