MUN MIU open the gates for their first ever Juniors conference

MUN MIU has launched their first ever Juniors event in the university, welcoming the national and british students of Egyptian Language School  for 3 days 10th, 11th and 13th of March

Model United Nations aka MUN is a very illuminating activity handled out in many universities around Egypt in which students simulate UN council as they role-play delegates to the United Nations, the delegates represent different countries in an attempt to discuss major issues and enter interesting debates with other countries. It is an academic committee including five different councils; Security Council, Human Rights Council, Economic and Social Council, United Nations Development program and International Court of Justice.

The program went as follows; the first two consecutive days of the program were preliminary stages, including the opening of the event displaying the Secretary General and the Deputy Secretary General on stage presenting a small speech on MIU and the history of MUN in the university. Next on the list were the sessions of each council where at first the committee head introduced the whole program and gave a small recap by the end when lecturing the procedures of the conference for the third day.

The last day the awaited conference was held and a closing ceremony giving out motivational words for the students and handing certificates for the best delegate and best delegation of each council.

“All the students reviews agreed that they’ve started to know how college life is, they’ve also developed their knowledge a lot as they take two days sessions from variety of perspectives, economic, political, international law and human rights.” said the Deputy Secretary General; Radwa Fathy.

MUN is one of the most interesting educative activities that enriches the students with more knowledge of the world around them and gets them involved in a pretty fun experience!