5 of the best on screen relationships between mothers and daughters

The relationship between mothers and their children is very special but the bond between mothers and daughters is the strongest of all. And with mother’s day just around the corner, we wanted to brig back some nostalgic maternal feelings by rounding up the best mother and daughter duos from film and TV:

1-Lorelai and Rory, Gilmore Girls:


The fast-talking, caffeine-addicted, junk food loving mother and daughter is the perfect portrayal of the sister-like relationship. The two ladies’ relationship is very unique where they share everything despite their different yet similar characters.

2-Tess and Anna, Freaky Friday:


Here’s a total different relationship which proves that despite the struggles and misunderstandings that a working mother and a teenage daughter may face, their bond will never break but this only strenghthens it.

3-Sophie and Donna, Mamma Mia:


It’s these two against the world. No matter how these two ladies may think that they are different, life keeps reminding them how much they are the same. And we just can’t wait for the sequel that will be coming out next July.

4-Olive and Rosemary, Easy A:


It’s clear where Olive gets her sense of humor from. Olive and Rosemary have a special relationship where you can notice how Olive’s mother get to observe her actions and wait for the right moment to get involved.

5-Matilda and Miss Honey, Matilda:


Here’s a classic story from a classic movie that we’ve all watched when we were kids. Matilda is a lucky girl who managed to find a loving and caring mother like Miss Honey.


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