Rihanna Teaches Snapchat a Lesson that Costs Over $800 Million

Singer Rihanna took Instagram’s Story feature  to ask users to delete the Snapchat after their ad asking people if they’d rather slap Rihanna or punch Chris Brown who happens to Rihanna’s ex-boyfriend. Brown has pleaded guilty to assault and violence towards Rihanna back in 2009.

Her statement addressed how inappropriate that ad was, not for her, but for every woman, child and man who ever faced -or is still facing- domestic violence.

Following her statement, Rihanna’s 61 million followers started following what she said. This led to a dramatic fall in the shares of Snap, the app’s parent company. As a result, the net worth of Evan Spiegel, Snap’s cofounder and CEO, fell with around $150 million in two days.

“This advertisement is disgusting and never should have appeared on our service,” a Snapchat spokesperson said in a statement. “We are so sorry we made the terrible mistake of allowing it through our review process. We are investigating how that happened so that we can make sure it never happens again.”

Social media users reacted to the whole story, mostly supporting Rihanna.


We hope Snapchat, and every other company, learned the lesson. Never consider a joke about violence or assault. Oh, and don’t mess with queen Riri.