5 Vitamins And Minerals For Your Mental Health.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is by no means an alternative to a professional medical advice and cannot be used accordingly. You must never take dosages of any medicine or supplement without consulting a doctor or reading the pamphlet for awareness of any possible hazardous side effects or contradictory elements with allergies. 

It’s arguable that mental health is as important, if not more, than physical health. Life is often rough and leaves a toxic effect on our mental health. We occasionally need to boost our mental health in order to face the world.

Scientists have debated over the years about the best vitamins and minerals for mental health, mood improvement and nutrition. The debate thus led to the approval of 5 Vitamins and minerals for the mental health:

  • Vitamin E: I recommend this one from personal experience. It’s an effective antioxidant and nutritious supplement for the hair, digestion, and cell signals. Moreover, it plays an essential role in improving mood and fighting fatigue and depression. It also prevents chronic diseases related to free radicals and enhances immunity.
  • Vitamin B12: Low levels of B12 in the body link to depressive symptoms. It is important for regulating mood, preventing feelings of irritability, appetite loss and insomnia. You can take supplements or find it enriched in foods such as eggs, chicken or fish.
  • Vitamin D: Extensive lack of sun exposure (which is a rich source for Vitamin D) can cause severe depressive symptoms. It can be enough to remain a moderate amount of time soaking healthy sun rays, but in most cases, supplements are more efficient.
  • Vitamin C: Another vital supplement which the body needs most. Vitamin C helps absorb folic acid and is important in preventing fatigue, weakness and apathy associated with depression.
  • Magnesium: It helps with sleep problems and muscle relaxation. Studies show 80% of adults are deficient—an alarming percentage. Magnesium helps control hundreds of chemical reactions in the body and eases PMS. It’s recommended to take it with calcium (magnesium competes with calcium for absorption in the body, so calcium deficiency is a risk), though you can also apply it topically in sprays or oils.

Remember to give your mental health the regard it deserves. If you have any concerns at all or are at risk of suffering a mental illness, do not hesitate to seek medical help!