Signs a friendship is toxic and it is time to leave.

Going through disappointments from one time to another is more than normal no matter how much it might hurt. No matter how “perfect” life may seem, there will always be those bumps on the road concerning friendships and interpersonal relationships. No matter how long you’ve been a friend to someone, and no matter how many memories you shared together, this person in a way or another will leave. And it is not always your fault, their presence might be toxic and it’s the time to cancel the part they’re playing in your life. It’s okay to feel sad about that and it’s okay to feel disappointed, but it is not okay if you let your life stop on a person who doesn’t even care.

There are a lot of factors that make a person’s “friendship” toxic. I will mention some here, based on my personal experience.

#1 They do not defend your name when you’re not around.

Unfortunately, we have all been through a similar experience. A person who doesn’t defend you when you’re being talked behind, doesn’t deserve to stay. It means that you’re just not important to them and they’re keeping you in their life for two reasons: either you’re the one making the friendship go on, or they just like your presence for the way you make them feel with the effort you give them.
#2 They embarrass you in front of other people.

A “friend” who is loyal would never want to put you in a situation that doesn’t make you feel good about yourself. They will have respect for your feelings and dignity, and they will always look for ways to see you at your best. If it’s not like that, then leave.
#3 They know that you’re going through a hard time but they won’t be by your side.

I guess I won’t write much about this, it’s obvious that when a person decides not to be there at your worst, you should leave.
#4 You are not a priority and they hide things from you.

It is very disappointing when you put someone among your priorities and run to them whenever something -whether good or bad- happens, while they do not do that at all. You may have heard many friends who drifted apart for having one of them entering into a relationship without telling the other.
#5 They do not clap for your achievements, they fake it.

A person who doesn’t clap for your achievements doesn’t love you truly.
That’s not it. There are other reasons and ways a toxic “friend” can be detected. Hopefully these signs will help you recognize toxic people before they play a big role in your life!