A New Draft Law Proposes Moderating Polygamy And Jailing Men Who Remarry Without Informing First Wife

A new law draft that calls for jailing husbands who marry without telling their first wives will soon be presented to the parliament according to Egypt Independent.

According to the law submitted by MP Abla Hawary, the jailing duration will be around six months. The law draft has stirred a debate between Islamic scholars and women’s rights advocates.

“We are fighting polygamy at its core. Even if it is permitted by Islam, we should at least try and moderate it,” Hawary told Egypt Independent.

Hawary defended a women’s right to know that her husband is getting married, explaining that a wife shouldn’t be surprised after her husband’s death that he has another family.

On the other hand, Islamic Scholars argue that this law is in direct conflict with the essence of marriage in Islam. Ashraf Tammam, Moderator of the National Council of Egyptian families says “my problem with this law is that it opposes the basis of sharia, as having several wives is a base rule in Islam,” he continued “those who are trying to get this law to pass can’t make a law that allows women to have more than one husband, so they are pushing for this instead.”

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