Rumors Spread About CBC Taking Abla Fahita Off Air and The TV Channel Denies

Yesterday, rumors spread that the well-known show “El Duplex” will no longer be broadcasted until further notice.

CBC denied that in a statement that they posted on their official website. They stressed that the show will continue broadcasting until the end of its current season.

CBC went further to explain that there might have been a confusion due to the circulated news which said that The Supreme Media Council addressed the ‘foul language’ used in Abla Fahita’s show. According to Egypt Today, the head of the council’s complaints committee, Gamal Shawky, said that the council asked CBC to remove all the foul language and sexual content used in the show. The statement also required the revelation of the actor behind the character of Abla Fahita in order to be held accountable for any faults.

However, the CBC statement went on explaining that they didn’t receive any official letter from The Supreme Media Council yet. They also stressed the fact that they respect the council’s decisions and they’re committed to it.


It’s worth mentioning that earlier this year, Fahita was starring in a Vodafone ad which also got banned from TV due to inappropriate language and scenes that violated the public values. The council also banned the widely famous SNL Bel 3araby back in February.