ARTKHANA’S Spectrum exhibition took over the breaths of all attendees last week.

In an exhibition by Artkhana at 3elbet Alwan Maadi, people were swept off their feet by the stunning pieces of art decorating the walls.

The name “Spectrum” refers to the journey of white light and how it translates into the seven colors of a spectrum. This indeed, is the reason the walls of the exhibition were visually satisfying for everyone who attended, it was a different experience of an exhibition.

Live paintings and several music performances by Artkhana’s music team were performed, making people discover new music genres.

Not only art pieces were exhibited, there were also photographs, handmade accessories and clothes. Two books were released by Artkhana’s writing team under the names “Blind Sight” and “A wholehearted attempt”.

Artkhana is an art organization, its main slogan is “proving art can”. It supports charity through art by making events of different kinds during the year. Spectrum is the 4th exhibition held by the organization.