7 interesting facts about Monopoly on its 85th anniversary!

85 years ago, the board game Monopoly was invented. 85 years later, it had hundreds of versions, millions of players and non-countable hours spent on playing. On its 85th anniversary we’ve gathered 7 interesting facts about the board game for you!

1. The precursor to Monopoly:
Monopoly was inspired by the Landlord’s game; in 1903 the game designer Lizzie Magie designed the board game The Landlord’s for a specific purpose. She wanted to design an educational tool which shows the economical effect of renting and she decided to make this tool in a form of a game, to make it easier for people to understand.


2. 105 Countries, 37 languages:
since 1933, monopoly is released in 37 different languages around 105 country around the world, including different versions and editions.


3. World War II edition:
Monopoly was used to help the prisoners of war held by the Nazis to escape. The British Secret Intelligence Service had the game manufacturer in UK to create a special edition which includes some tools to help the prisoners to escape, and the board games were entered to the prisoners by fake charity groups.


4. Anti-Monopoly:
The game was invented in 1973 by the professor Ralph Anspach as a response to the game Monopoly. He saw that the game was producing some harmful desirable facts about monopolies. The game first was named as Bust The Trust.


5. Monopoly Junior:
In 1990, Monopoly Junior was produced for younger players. The game differs in some characteristics that make it looks more childish.


6. The most expensive Monopoly set:
In 1998, the San Francisco jeweler Sidney Mabell created a special set of Monopoly. The set was crafted with diamonds, rubies and gold. The set is worth $2 milllion USD.


7. Monopoly World Championships:
After the World Chess Championship 1972, it was suggested to start Monopoly Tournaments. The first tournament was held in 1973, and for 3 years it was held annually. Then the system changed and it was held each 3 years and then each 4 years until it reached the recent system and it is held every 6 years. The last tournament was held in 2015.