5 Recommended Food Places in Cairo You Should Give A Try

First thing Egyptians would ask about on a hangout “What to eat?”. Who isn’t bored of all typical junk food and was never really a fan of classic food restaurants anyway? We all need to try some new places that serve things in a different way without having to pay a fortune too. Here’s a list of unknown food places that you should give a try on the next hangout!

1. Tricycle Burger


Burgers to stay sane, right? The classic burger full of cheese and the struggle of not being to fully bite the sandwich is everything! You can find Tricycle Burger in Cilantro’s parking in Merghany St. Available everyday past 8pm till 3am, except Sundays. You won’t regret!

2. Sushi Bike


Either sushi addicts or first timers, where are you? Sushi lovers have been recommending it to others and that’s a big deal. The bike is either found in Merghany or after Al-Rehab’s 13th gate.

3. Pasta 2Go


All different kinds, shapes and types of pastas served in cups with all the special additions and sauces. One other perk, the location is reachable! 19 Saudi Buildings, behind City Stars, Ard El Golf, Nasr City.

4. Abu 2eer – أسماك أبو قير


We all have that one friend who’s never getting enough of seafood. Tell them to try Abu 2eer’s recommended Shrimps sandwiches at High Hill Road – Mokattam District, Al Abageyah.

5. Ibn AlSham – إبن الشام


Because who doesn’t love Syrian Shawerma anyway? Here’s the next Shawerma place you should give a try! Ibn AlSham has a long menu list but its Shawerma is everything you need to try this weekend. You can find it in Al-Rehab Market.

Now you tell us about the place you recommend others to try!