5 Signs Your Relationship Is Not Healthy Anymore

Relationships -just as anything else- starts off in the greatest way possible and then gradually changes. When you love someone, it’s rather hard to try to convince your heart that this relationship isn’t a healthy one anymore, or let’s just say, one-sided. The moment we do this, things are not the same as they were in the beginning, one foot is out of the floor! There are a variety of things that can make a relationship feel as if it’s one-sided. One of which might be “you”! You’re always making the plans while your partner is apathetic. Second of which might be when you feel like it’s always up to you to maintain contact when you’re apart or perhaps it’s just a general feeling that you’re putting the relationship first in ways they aren’t – as if it’s one of the most important things in your life, but just ‘something’ in theirs. Can we have a moment of truth here? How many times have you felt like your relationship is coming to an end yet you tried hard to convince yourself to stay?

Here are some of the many reasons why relationships tend to shift the curve negatively:


1.Inability to solve disagreements

No doubts disagreements happen in every relationship,you’ll never get to the point where someone admits they’re wrong (unless they lie) if they don’t actually believe they’re wrong. But the risky part is when you’re constantly fighting and never coming up with a solution or compromise. Only then your future together may be short-lived. It’s true that opposites attract, but not to neglect the fact that common ground is essential in all healthy relationships.


2. Jealousy

Jealous people often have trust issues. It is indeed challenging to have a partner who wants to know your whereabouts every moment of the day or doesn’t want you to do certain things because they’re afraid you may stray. Consequently, it will affect your relationship making it less liberal and exciting!


3.Missing the good single days

Imagine being in a relationship that makes you doubt your existence -even more- instead of making you happier? What is the purpose of it then? When you reach that point of asking yourself those questions, congrats, you’re missing your “single and ready to mingle” days! Which is not the best thing to feel in a relationship


4.Unhealthy communications  

Voila! The major reason of it all. It does not always have to be your partner ex, or exes in general. It might as well be a family member, closest friend or even a relative. You should be their number one priority, if your significant other is shifting attentions towards whoever else, it’s more likely the time to move on.

5.Emotional infidelity 

Allow me to say that this is the hazard stage! When your partner seeks emotional comfort in someone else rather than you. The reason behind that is lack of communication. Never underestimate the power of communicating with one another!

We usually know if we’re hanging onto a relationship because we genuinely want to or because we’re too scared to leave; but when in doubt you might as well ask yourself If you somehow knew that in six months after you broke up, this person would fall in love with their dream partner and feel more loved and safe than ever before, would you feel more comfortable leaving?