The Walking Dead Says Goodbye To One Of Its Oldest Characters

**Major Spoilers for both the Series and the Comics**

On Sunday The Walking Dead returned from its long break and delivered to us one of its most destructive episodes till this day. An episode filled with emotions, tears, and goodbyes. On Sunday the cast and all of the fans said their goodbyes to one of their oldest and favorite characters; Carl Grimes played by Chandler Riggs.

At the mid-season finale, last year the showrunner and producer Scott Gimple shocked the entire world when it was revealed at the end of the episode that Carl Grimes, has been bitten by a walker and will indeed die at the premiere of the mid-season.

Fans took their rage and disbelief to social media, outraged by the unexpected and unrealistic death of one of the most important characters in the comic. Some even took it as far as creating a petition demanding to fire the producer Scott Gimple, because of his decision to kill Carl, as Carl’s character is indeed still alive in the comics, not only that but holds several very important storylines and arcs, as well as the future of the comic stories.

The news that shocked the fans even more that it wasn’t Chandler Riggs’s decision to leave the show, in a post written by his father on Facebook it was revealed that Scott Gimple fired Chandler after promising him that he will stay on the show for at least 3 more years!

“None of us could have done this without you! It was always for the fans, and it always will be. So thank you for giving me this chance to let me pursue my dream and continue to make you angry, sad, happy, and everything in between. I won’t let you down.” Chandler Riggs’s tweet before the episode aired.
Cast member and co-star Jeffrey Dean Morgan showed his love and support towards Chandler on Instagram, saying how sad and disappointed that they won’t be able to do the storyline/arc revolving around both of their characters. And wishing him all the luck with future work!

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The premiere basically revolved around Carl’s final moments, and how he spent those moments with his baby sister (that scene alone killed us) and writing goodbye letters to all of his loved ones. He even took his last breath trying to convince his father to end the feud with Negan, and how it’s not worth all the bloodshed and lives lost.

However, the two most important highlights of the episodes were:

1) The Visions
Whether it was Carl’s hallucination or in fact a glimpse of life after the storyline of All Out War ends, it was a comfort seeing our favorite survivors living in some peace and quiet after their destructive fight with Negan.

2) The Ending
And of course that ending! We see Judith all grown-up walking towards someone and wishing him a happy morning, only to be faced with Negan after turning around. This might not be a shock for the one who is updated with comic-books, as readers know that after defeating Negan, and as a sign of civilization and humanity; Rick decides to spare Negan’s life. He takes the decision to keep Negan imprisoned, and by that showing to everyone the consequences of anyone who goes again Rick and the rest of the communities.
Even though we lost a very important character, it was an honor witnessing Chandler grow as an actor on TV. We can’t wait to see Chandler’s next work which is the movie Inherit the Viper.
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