6 Disney Movies That You Never Knew had a Sequel

We’ve all seen or read the Disney classics back in our childhood days, but have any of us carried on the movies forward and watched the sequels of them? Almost every Disney movie had a sequel and the happy ever afters were never the end of the story. Check out the movies that had at least one sequel of the story.

1.Cinderella 2,3

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The well-known maid who owned a glass slipper that changed her life and helped her win the heart of Prince Charming was seen in the final scene getting married to him and moving to his palace. The newly princess story didn’t end there as in the first sequel Dreams Come True; Cinderella’s friends Gus, Jaq and the others were preparing her a decent gift collecting all the beautiful memories to handcraft in a customized book, telling the story of the Princess preparing for the first royal ball and the story of her step sister Anastasia who falls in love and seeks Cinderella’s advice. In  the second and better sequel Twist of Time; Lady Tremaine the stepmother puts hand on the Godmother’s magical wand and makes a huge twist in time to put the Prince under a magical spell and fool him to love Anastasia instead

2.Aladdin 2,3 

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As most of us remember in Aladdin’s final scene, Jafar was imprisoned as a genie in a magic lamp and was thrown away by The Genie in the enormous dessert. However the first sequel The Return of Jafar, a thief named Abis Mal found the lamp and set Jafar free and on the other hand his parrot Lago turned out to be a good fella and joined the sides of Aladdin and Jasmine. In the second sequel; King of Thieves, Aladdin finds out that his father is still alive and starts an exciting journey to find him, we also witness the wedding of the beloved Jasmine and Aladdin.

3.Little Mermaid 2,3

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The little mermaid who had a famous rebellion on her sea life in the first part and was gifted feet and a human life to marry Prince Eric, she lived a happily ever after until she welcomed her daughter Melody who had a remarkable relationship with the ocean that her mother had forbidden her to go to. However, like mother, like daughter; Melody rebelled on the restrictions where she met Morgana, Ursula’s sister. The second sequel Ariel’s Beginning moved the story two eras back before Ariel’s rebellion when her father, The King , prohibited music under the sea following his wife’s death but Sebastian and Arial play their roles to bring back life to the ocean.

4.Lion King 2,3

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If you missed Lion King 2 Simba’s Pride, you missed a lot! It’s the story of Nala and Simba’s daughter Kiara falling in love with the son of the exiled pride Zira who gets closer to her to avenge his father. The second sequel is all about Timon and Pumba, not much of a thrilling story but it shows how the pair became friends from the beginning and became an iconic duo since then

5.Mulan 2

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In the sequel of Mulan’s legacy, Mulan gets engaged to General Shang and upon their preparations for the wedding, the Emperor assigns Mulan and the General to deliver his three daughters to their future spouses whom they’ve never met before alongside the three guardians Yao, Chien-Po and Ling, however the journey couldn’t reach its destination as Mushu tries to breakup Mulan and Shang to maintain his guardian on the family and more unexpected twists to happen

6. Lilo & Stitch 2,3

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The small family that taught us the lesson of Ohana continued lecturing with some lessons of loyalty and friendship in the sequel Stitch has a Glitch; as Lilo experiences some unexplained violence behavior from Stitch and collaborates with his creator Jookiba to save Stitch’s life. The following sequel welcomes a new character named Leroy, whose a duplicate of Stitch created by the villain doctor Hamstervial to destroy everything that gets on his way, nevertheless Lilo and Stitch unites to stop Leroy

Time to plan a movie night that will take back to when you were a kid, huh!