Shabab Sporting Launch a Series of Events and Activities to Help the Youth of ASC

After their first big event “ElForas Feen?”, Shabab Sporting released a promotional video that touched every single Alexandrian.

With the help of Ventity Creations, a new agency that proved itself to be one of the upcoming market leaders, Shabab Sporting clearly sent their message in the most artsy way. Showing the beauty of the whole city rather than the club alone.

Lately, clubs became a place for either the elderly or the athletes. That’s why Shabab Sporting, under ther presidency of Taher Abd El Wahab, decided to change that perception aiming to bring the youth back to the club using different events, workshops and activities.

Their first event “ElForas Feen?” motivated youth to look for opportunities and to start doing things with passion. The presence of guest speakers Norine Farah, Amr Mansi, Mohamed Nagaty and Marie Therese Fam gave the youth of ASC got a closer look on how to follow their dreams and grab the opportunities that life throws at them.

It’s about time all youth start doing something for themselves and their communities rather than just sit and wait for things to happen.