4 Reasons why girls would love to sit in a Qahwa

One of the struggles girls face in Egypt is the need of grabbing a chair in Qahwa but it’s not much of an easy decision. Why not? Well too much uncomfortability and awkwardness would fill up the place just by the entrance of a girl, another reason is girls actually have hygiene issues and may not be as messy as boys can be. However, girls will always want to try it someday because of many reasons!

1. Why 30 pounds for a cup of tea?

Sometimes all what a person need for a hangout is a cozy place with a cup of tea or coffee and now this action demands too much money when heading to a coffee place, so a qahwa would be a really perfect place to simply have a tea and pay 5 pounds or less especially when it’s the end of the month and your pockets cannot afford a minimum charge!.

2. Playing Cards

In the Tarneeb, Estimation, Jacks and Hearts era; it is really awful to not be a part of this fun and being told “Sorry mayenf3sh kotsheena hena”. If you’re a girl and have never been in a bola before, you’re missing out on a lot! Whoever founded playing cards, checkers or dominos knew what a hangout actually needs and in qahwas that’s all what people actually do

3. There’s always a seat

It’s not much of an option to arrive and not find seats so you leave. No matter how crowded the place is, you will be seated! A few plastic chairs and a small table works perfectly for a cozy outing with your close friends


4. Football matches

If you’re a girl who’s a bit interested in Football or sports in general and you’re not registered in cable networks at home, then it would be very tiring to watch in a café every time there’s a nice game to catch or every super Saturday and a qahwa nearby would be much easier.

I understand the looks a girl gets whenever she lies foot in a qahwa but believe me there are alot of qahwas in town where you’ll find girls and families seated and it will not be any awkward if you grab a chair.