Here are 5 signs that you got over a person

Heartbreaks are more common than we think, in a way or another we might find that each one of us is dealing with one in a different way. Some studies showed that the average person takes 18 months to get over a relationship, but still it varies from a person to another.

These are some signs that you got over a person.

#1 You find out that you forget a lot about the presence of that person
And you forget about the details of almost everything you both had too. And even if you remember them, you wouldn’t find yourself thinking of them out of the blue. You don’t even care, the thought of them doesn’t affect your emotions anymore.

#2 Your heart doesn’t beat fast when they’re around anymore

You don’t skip a beat at the sight of their face or when you hear their name, because you know that there is no going back to how things used to be and the presence of a person can’t affect you so negatively since you’re way stronger than that.

#3 You listen to that song and go to that place, again

You recognize the fact that nobody should have the power to ruin such beautiful things, and that you’ve got the strength to dance on this song you used to cry to, and you’re able to sit in the same places you used to go like nothing ever happened.

#4 You don’t want to settle for less.

You know your worth, you know what you deserve. You deserve to be around someone who makes you feel that you’re not hard to be loved.

#5 You’re focusing more on your goals.
You find yourself focusing on your future and your career more than ever, and instead of imagining your future with that person as you used to, you only see yourself at the top of everything you want to reach and you’re working on that.

In the end, if it’s taking too long for you to get over someone and to heal from a heartbreak, you should know that it’s okay. When it comes to this kind of things, the only way to heal is through, not by avoiding it.