4 People Share Their Stories With A Friend’s Betrayal

We have already heard and read a lot about how men and women hurt and dump their partners in awful ways. How they cheat and hurt without any apparent reason. Sadly, however, these kinds of betrayals don’t only exist between lovers, it can happen between friends and even family members. So we sat down with some people, and they shared with us some a couple of their stories!
“I met a girl through some common friends and we instantly hit it off, we got close and I started to see her as my future wife and the mother of my children. Most of my friends, basically the inner circle knew my intentions, however, I was shocked when I learned that one of my closest friends, someone I considered family, visited the girl and her family and officially asked her hand in marriage” – Male, 29
“When I was in school, a friend of mine started rumors about one of our friends in class when the girl heard about those rumors floating around she was told that I am the one who started them. Even though we were friends and I swore to her that it wasn’t me, she went to the entire class and told them that I am an awful person and made all of them to turn their backs to me, and then she proceeded to bully me for the entire year! And because of it, I suffered from depression at a very young age, and till this day whenever I remember what happened I break down. That girl and I made amends, and yes I forgave her, because that is how I was raised, to forgive the ones that hurt me and have faith in Gods’ justice, but I will never forget what happened between us” – Female, 23
“During my freshman year in college I met a girl in one of my lectures, and she became one of my best friends. In that same year, an old friend of mine from school attended the same university, we got close, and eventually began a relationship. Flash-forward almost a year later I decided that I needed a break from the relationship due to some personal reasons at home, and I told the boy about it and asked him to give me some time. But he called me names and accused me of wanting to see other people. I went through depression and my life flipped upside down, and to make matters worse, that best friend of mine, the one who was trying to get us back together started a relationship with my ex, betraying both me and her long-time boyfriend of the time.” – Female, 24
“I started as a recruiter at a telecom company; there I met a girl the same position of mine, just a month older than me. She basically took me under her wing and taught me a lot about the job. However, I started to notice her taking advantage of me to do her work for her, which caused a raft and some problems between me and my manager. So every time she asked me to leave my duties to do her work for her, I went and informed both out managers. When the girl heard of this, she sent me an awful message, cursing me and going as far as accusing me of trying to sabotage her job and position at the company” – Female, 24
So there you have it, some of the heartbreaking stories that occurred between friends, and co-workers. If you would like to share some stories or problems that happened to you, please do not hesitate to drop a comment in our comments section.