5 Ways To Motivate Yourself To Study.

Let’s be very honest here: no one―and I mean no one―likes to sit on a desk for hours studying something they’d rather crawl out of their skin than go through with. It’s awful enough to study; it’s even more agonizing to study something you so openly loathe. But life is unfair like that, and we have to get past the hurdles and bumps. So, risk failing and drop it, or endure it like the horrible procedure it is?

How about neither? How about sitting down, finding ways to motivate yourself, without straining your already exhausted body? It’s so simple, but profoundly effective. Here are easy way to get your head in the game and win it:

  1. Imagine the worst: I know, I know, it doesn’t sound that motivating…but psychology says otherwise. You see, our brains are tad complicated and our nature requires a level of challenge; a touch of misery to jolt us in the right direction. Think of it like burning your finger, once you do it, you’ll learn how to avoid it, right? That’s how you can motivate yourself―believe it or not! Imagine the worst, most devastating outcome of neglecting your studying. It’s not necessarily failing for some of us, so find your nightmare, acknowledge it, and make sure to sprint away from it.
  2. Imagine the best: Yes, quite contradictory, isn’t it? But our minds are different; you just have to find what suits you. Imagine all the nights you’ll have freely, watching TV, sleeping, out with your friends. Picture all the fun awaiting you, and then picture it twice as good…why? Because you have nothing to worry about. You put the hurdle behind you and now life welcomes you with unfolded arms.
  3. Don’t do it alone: This one’s tricky, though. When surrounded by friends or study-mates, instinctively, we want to bolt. We chatter about anything but the matter at hand. This one is particularly for the determined ones―if you can’t prevent yourself from moving off topic, then don’t do it.
  4. Find your subject in the outer world: That’s good if you’re getting restless and bored. It’s a picnic with a purpose. It’s easy to go through, easier than what your lazy inner-voice might tell you. There’s no known subject on earth that doesn’t live within it; history is everywhere, English is widely spoken…etc. And for the big, complicated subjects―they’re all around you, too.
  5. Make it a habit: Here’s the thing: you can look at the options above and do one of them, but then the ‘force of will’ can dissipate quickly. If you keep thinking of motivation every second of the day without accustoming yourself to the action at hand, you’ll end up unmotivated. Encourage yourself to start doing, and then habituate it in your schedule. What starts as a forced motivation can end up in an easy routine.

Keep in mind that this obstacle is one of the things standing in your way. One less hindrance behind, one more step toward the life you want―the life you earned.