Drake Gives Away $1 Million in “God’s Plan” Music Video

Drake decided to surprise us with his music video for his new single “God’s plan” that’s sitting at the top of the Billboard charts for its third week now. The singer decided to give away $1 million, a good deed that Drake said was the most important thing he’s ever done in his career.


The rapper took the budget of his video which is $996,631.90 and gave it away to families, schools, hospitals and charities instead of spending it on things like big-name guest appearances and special effects. From handing out literal stacks of cash to a shocked mother and her son to announcing over megaphone that all the shoppers in a grocery store are getting their food for free, it actually seemed like he wanted to create a moment at each step he takes in Miami that the locals will never forget.

After dropping the heartwarming video, he used the Instagram story to start an inspiring challenge in his message the fans.

So, if Drake’s plan was to make everyone cry while watching his new video, it actually worked. You can check it out yourself.