Muslim boys in Lebanon sentenced to memorize verses of the Quran after insulting Christianity

Earlier this week, 3 Lebanese teenagers were sentenced to memorize verses of the Quran after insulting Jesus and Virgin Mary, and the court handled the situation in a very unusual way.

The charge can be punished by more than three years in prison, but the Christian judge, Joceline Matta, decided that the boys have to read the Quran after being guilty of ‘contempt of religion’.

While reading her own verdict, the Lebanese judge said tha she wanted the boys to learn about how Islam respects other religions. She also pointed out that what the boys said reflects their ignorance of their own religion.

Matta decided that three teenagers will be released after learning verses of Surat Al Imran which glorifies Virgin Mary and Jesus. The Sura talks about how God chose and purified Mary and how Islam views Jesus as one of Allah’s prophets.

The decision was faced by praise from almost everyone including politicians and public figures like Saad Hariri who saluted the judge for her justice and wisdom.

It’s about time we overcome our differences and start accepting others.