17 People Dead After A Horrific Shooting In Florida And Shooter Confesses To The Crime

With a heavy heart, we are sad to say that last Wednesday a school shooting occurred in one of Florida’s schools. The shooter was identified by the police as 19-year-old boy Nikolas Cruz, a former student at Douglas school who was expelled earlier last year for disciplinary reasons.
It is reported that Cruz set off the fire alarm to draw students and teachers out of their classrooms in order to start his massacre. Cruz opened fire, killing seventeen people including both children and adults, as well as injuring twelve.

In chilling statements by some of the students, it was stated that several of them feared Cruz and felt that he might do something to harm them. There were some disturbing comments left on their social media newsfeeds such as “I’m going to be a professional school shooter” and it’s believed to be left by Nikolas Cruz himself.
It is reported that this school shooting is “one of at least eight US school shootings” that have caused injury or death so far in 2018.

The violence has to stop. We cannot lose another child in this country to violence in a school,” – Florida governor Rick Scott Broward

This attack added more fuel to the fire regarding the topic of “Gun Control”, as now people from all over the world not just in the US are pleading with the government to put a stop to gun violence.

This happens nowhere else other than the United States of America. This epidemic of mass slaughter, this scourge of school shooting after school shooting. It only happens here not because of coincidence, not because of bad luck, but as a consequence of our inaction. We are responsible.” – Chris Murphy, senator of Connecticut

Cruz later confessed to his crime after being arrested by police at McDonald’s one hour after the attack.

And students started sharing stories of heroism from the victims.

Our hearts and prayers go out to anyone who has been affected by the tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.