7 Types of People That You See Every Valentine’s Day

The one day when the whole world is sprayed with red glitter, roses, and huge teddy bears, is finally here. And while some people perceive it as the most important day of the whole year, other people couldn’t care less about Valentine’s Day, and between those two extreme lies a lot of different reactions to this day, like

  • The hopeless romantic


The people who always look for love. They wait and wait for their happily ever after and they won’t settle for less. You can spot them from a distance on Valentine’s Day, they’re either holding a huge bouquet of red flowers, and wearing red on a super romantic date or talking about the perfect Valentine that they’re still waiting for.

  • The social media king/queen


Because what’s a good date if we don’t show it to our 600+ Facebook friends, 1000+ Instagram followers, 3000+ Twitter followers and 300+ Snapchat friends? They’ll be posting pictures and writing captions of every tiny detail of the day, the gifts, the food, the view, the nailpolish she wore and the socks he picked for that special occasion because it’s all very important.

  • The heartbroken

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They’ve recently broken up, and before getting the chance to get over their ex-lovers, the whole world decides to remind them of the fact that they’re now alone. Those people have probably planned something for this occasion but life just had a different opinion which results in them either crying or sleeping all day long.

  • The one who only eats the whole day


Because there’s no deeper love than the love we have for food. Those people understand that nobody lasts forever, but shawerma does. They do realize that Valentine’s Day is also a special occasion, that’s why they consume enormous amounts of chocolate; whether someone got it for them or it’s a gift that their bestfriends received, they’ll eat it anyway!

  • The one who won’t be single on this day, no matter what!

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Their mission starts a week before Valentine’s Day. They look everywhere for someone to spend the day with them, they ask every friend and create the perfect date, proving that even singles get to enjoy the celebration of love.

  • The person who couldn’t care less


To them it’s just a normal day. They don’t understand what all the hassle is about.

  • The happily single

tenor (1)

Some people -from both genders- see this day as a reminder that they made the right choice by being single. No expectations, no commitment, no money spent, no heartbreak or disappointment. They actually pitty those who celebrate this day.

At the end of the day, we’re all different and hence, how we react to anything in life is different. Do Valentine’s Day and any other day of life the way that pleases you, because that’s the only person that matters anyway.