These 4 Female Travel-Bloggers Show Us The Beauty of The World Through Their Camera Lenses

Picture By: Mariam Gobba

“You can’t travel by yourself, you’re a girl!”
Unfortunately, this is a common phrase that many Egyptian girls hear still to this day in our society. But we wanted to challenge that, and prove that yes we can, and yes we will.
Breaking the norm of our society, these powerful girls proved to everyone, that you can achieve everything in life with determination and passion.

But before we start the list of our brave females circling the globe, we wanted to congratulate one of our talented youth on social media today; someone who we are sure will achieve many great things in the future, Basel Ehab Helal.
Basel is a 25 years old, computer science graduate; however, his greatest pleasure in life is to travel the world and capturing using his camera everything that is uniquely beautiful in this big and complicated universe.  Earlier this year, one of Basel’s latest projects “OBLIVIOUS” was chosen for the Switzerland video festival “Best Seconds – Video Competition 2018”. Way to go Basel, we wish you the best of luck, and you already made everyone proud by getting nominated. Take a look at this piece of art now.

But Basel isn’t the only blogger showing us the beauty of this world, those females are doing a great job at it!

1. 196 Stamps

Photography: Rania Shereen

196 Stamps is a photography project created by Amira. The traveller takes mind-blowing photos that document her journeys. Amira’s goal in life is to travel to all 196 countries and to immerse herself in the different cultures of all of those countries.

2. Arabian Gypsy


Our Arabian Gypsy, Sarah! You will feel that you’re a part of Sarah’s journey when you follow her account. By taking magnificent photographs of the new and exciting places she visits, and adding to them awesome captions that are out of this world.

3. Mariam Gobba


Mariam is an adventurous and passionate traveller who documents every single step she takes in this world. You can’t help but gasp when you scroll through her feed, as the moments she captures using her camera will leave you in awe of all of the exquisite and beautiful things in our universe.

4. Tranneta’s Travels


Myriam, half Egyptian and half French, defines herself as a lawyer by training but a traveller by passion. Myriam loves traveling to new and exotic places, and to interact with different cultures. So following her passion in life; Myriam worked hard and founded Tranneta’s Travels which offers the readers both reviews and travel consultancy services.

So there you got it girls, living proof that no one and nothing can stop you from doing anything, or to follow your passion in life. If you have more courageous examples of girls and women breaking out from the shell and norm of society please do not hesitate to share it with us in the comments section.