The Crow: Reborn

“Abashed the Devil stood and felt how awful goodness is.”
Its happening people, rumors are flying that the production of The Crow: Reborn will begin later this year. The entire world went into a frenzy back in November, when Jason Momoa teased all his fans by posting a fanart of “Eric”, the main character of The Crow, announcing that he will be taking on the role of the Eric Draven, in the upcoming fantasy movie.
The Crow is the 1994 highly acclaimed dark action supernatural movie starring Brandon Lee, the son of martial artist Bruce Lee. The movie is based on the 1989 comic book by James O’Barr and tells the story of Eric Draven, a musician who is brought back to life, to avenge his death as well as the brutal rape and murder of his fiancée Shelly.
But tragedy struck before rapping the production of the movie, as Brandon Lee was accidentally shot during a fight scene in the movie, due to a malfunction with the “prop” gun. Brandon Lee died at the age of 28.
After that, a decision was made to complete the production of the movie, in honor of Brandon, and the movie became a successful hit in the box office, and still to this day one of the most memorable movies, due to its acting, special effects, and soundtrack.

So when it was announced that The Crow was, in fact, getting a reboot, all fans were divided into two teams; one stating that they would love to see it with the new technology and special effects that the world obtains today, while the other says that The Crow is the legacy of Brandon Lee and that it should not be messed with.
One thing is for sure, is that we have to wait and see how Jason Momoa will step up and take on this important role, who knows maybe he will shock all of the fans of the original movie, and honor Brandon’s legacy.
The remake will star Jason Momoa and will be directed by Corin Hardy. No news yet on who will play Shelly or the members of the rival gang.
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