This is How Social Media Affected Relationships Negatively

Everything around us is evolving and changing and relationships have definitely changed. In the past they used to spend hours writing love letters then emails happened and you can never deny the joy you feel whenever you receive an email from your partner or get a call on the landline. But Right now, Social media took the stage.There are many positives and negatives with the use of social media as it made it easier to reach your partner anywhere and anytime. On the other hand, I see the way it puts pressure on our relationships to be perfect, I mean we’ve all seen photos and statuses of friends and family members who gush over their partners, their latest trips, the latest gifts. But is it all real?

1-Lack of Privacy:


You can notice how relationships lack privacy; you can know if this couple is fighting or having some issues through a tweet, an Instagram caption or a Facebook post. This complicates things because people considered social media an open invitation for everyone to interfere which may increase the stress between the couple.



Jealousy to a certain extent is normal in every relationship but I think that social media increases what two partners get Jealous of. Who commented on her profile picture, who liked his Instagram photo and so on. That makes them focus more on jealousy and less on the things that matter.



Social media is a double edged weapon which can be used in a good or a bad way. We’ve heard of lots of people whose partners used technology or social media as a platform for cheating -which btw doesn’t have to be physical-. Everyone eventually gets caught , but the price to pay is months of heartache and a lot of developed insecurities that take a hell lot of time to go away.


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Many partners go through trust issues and when their trust gets broken once, it leaves them vulnerable for another attack. In the efforts to save their hearts from another painful trauma, they may become paranoid and social media makes it easier to spy on each other which doesn’t fix the problem but definitely magnifies it.

In the end, don’t allow social media to negatively affect your relationship because once you focus on your partner and not on how you can show them off on social media platforms, everything you see on Facebook and Instagram won’t matter to you anymore.