The best 5 ways to manage an anxiety attack.

What are anxiety attacks? Anxiety attacks are episodes of high degree stress responses accompanied by intense fear and anxiety.

Anxiety attacks can be very frightening experiences and the person might feel like out of control, but fortunately it is not like that.

If you’re a person who suffers of anxiety attacks, here are the best 5 ways to manage them.
1- Realise that you’re having an anxiety attack.

Realising and being aware of having an anxiety attack and understanding how stress can contribute to the way your body reacts, anxiety attacks can be no longer a problem.
2- Breathe deeply.

Take very deep breaths with the air filling your lungs and getting out of them. This can reduce the heart beating rate which leads to pain in your chest.
3- Try to push away your negative thoughts.

When you find yourself thinking negatively uncontrollably, try to tell yourself to stop. Remind yourself that you’re in control of the situation and it’s okay.
4- Stop drinking caffeine and anxiety triggering food.

This is because caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant. Caffeine stimulates the “fight and fight” response. Avoid soda, chocolate, tea, milk and fried food.
5- Exercise.

Studies show that walking for at least 20 minutes can reduce the symptoms of anxiety, making you feel lighter, boost your mood and more relaxed.

Here is a reminder: you are not alone in this. It’s always gonna be alright.