5 Types of Assholes You Meet Every Now And Then.

Guys are not generally assholes, but for some unexplainable reason, we’re always attracted to the wrong ones. There’s something about them, maybe it’s about them being mysterious? Or the image they draw for themselves; the handsome, smart, gentleman, sweet and caring? There are endless probabilities to why we’re attracted to them, and because we don’t want you to fall as a prey for an asshole, we got you a list of the worst types that you can ever meet.

1)The one who obeys the mama

7amada 3ezzo

You look at him and you know that he’s a 10. He has the looks, the style, the attitude, he has it all. But then you try to be a little cute and ask him what does he like about you and his answer would state what his mother likes about you. Then gradually, you find that he wore that jacket because his mom chose it for him, and he chose his career because his mom finds it better for him. And then you realize that his mom has a saying behind every decision in his life. Even you.

2)The one who starts a relationship without ending the other


He knows that they’re not officially broken up but also not officially together, yet he still tries out his luck elsewhere. He flirts with you and gets you attached, takes you out to dinner then casually mention while in the midst of his burger bites that he has a girlfriend, or ehm, a kid.

3)The one who dates the best-friends


This one takes “El-gharib awla men el be3id” to a whole new level. He enjoys the best-friend package. I mean why would he get out of his comfort zone? He will hunt down your best friend and he might get to your old childhood best friend as well. It’s in his blood. He enjoys it.

4)The one who promises to take you out but doesn’t


The perfect one. Literally. He’s “Kamel El-Awsaf”. The guy you’ve been searching for. And what tops that? Him actually asking you out on a date! You immediately tell your girls about it and only minutes later you know where your wedding will take place, names of your children, hell, you start choosing their nicknames while your friends are fighting over who’ll get to be the God Mama. The only problem? That he does not actually take you out. You end up living in scenarios in your head, you don’t know whether he got caught up in life, lost interest or started seeing someone else? Did you turn him off? You get nothing from him but, self-doubt.

5)the one who controls every thing.


They’re the smartest. They control what you wear, who you talk to, your curfew, what to say and what not to say WITHOUT obligating you to. They’re the ones you should fear the most because they’re smart enough to get under your skin, they’re smart enough to turn tables against you. And they’ll always make it seem like you did what they want because it’s better for you..

There you have it ladies, the kind of men you should be running away from. So, next time you start catching feelings for someone, make sure that he’s not an asshole.