7 Signs That This Is The Right Time To Seek Therapy

Sadly, we live in a society that perceives mental illness as some kind of lack of faith, psychiatrists are thought of as thieves, and if you go there then you’re probably crazy. But hello, this is the 21st century and we should just get rid of all these misconceptions already. There’s nothing wrong with being mentally ill and seeking help, on the contrary, ignoring your mental health is the main reason behind everything going wrong with your life. We all face downfalls and we cope with pain differently; we cope with stress, loss, anger and failure differently, we do and feel things that we just cannot explain, and this is why we all need help from a professional.

We lack proper education when it comes to this subject; people hardly believe that just like cancer, depression can kill, bipolarity can destroy relationships and anxiety can ruin your life. That’s why you need to keep an eye on yourself and the people surrounding you, look for the signs that show that your mind is trapped in there screaming for help.

1. Everything you feel is so extreme

Be it happiness, sadness, anger, anxiousness or however you feel, it’s always extreme. The slightest things will change your mood, you go from cloud nine to rock bottom and back in 0.1 second. If this happens to you a lot, then that’s a sign that something is seriously wrong.

2. You always blame yourself

In any given situation, you’ll find a reason to beat yourself up. You think that the reason your mother chose to stay in an unhappy marriage is you, your bestfriend failed that exam because they were talking to you instead of studying, and that stranger lost the job because you were selected. But hey, it’s fine. You shouldn’t worry about everyone, adults make decisions every day and it’s not always around you, so easy on yourself champ!

3. Unexplained headaches and stomach-aches

This is your mind overthinking, driving you nuts and messing with your hormones. That poor buddy is stuck in your skull and drowning in thoughts with nobody to help. Research proved that stress and emotional distress can somewhat disguise in the form of multiple physical ailments and that can be a chronically upset stomach, headaches, frequent colds or even a diminished sex drive.

4. Nothing is helping anymore

Neither your favorite movie, a really good meal, an adventure, a talk with your bestfriend, your parents, or any other method you used to use in order to cope with pain can work anymore. Whatever you do takes you back to square one.

5. You can’t speak your mind

You’re not yourself around people. When everyone is talking and the words are just inside your head but they can’t seem to come out. You can’t express yourself. You don’t bother to give an opinion or interact with others. It’s like you’re not even there. Yes,  this happens to all of us every now and then. But if this happens to you frequently that it even affects your relationship with the closest people to you, then that’s a big sign that you need help.

6. You feel disconnected to the things, places and people you used to like

You suddenly stop liking people that you liked, and your favorite activity seems less interesting. You quit doing something you like for no apparent reason. You literally detach yourself from your life and anything linking you to it and its troubles. But that’s wrong, you’re leaving the battlefield like a coward and you shouldn’t, you should fight for your life and enjoy everything you like no matter what.

7. You find something and get addicted to it

What happens after you detach yourself? You start looking for something new to do, and you literally get addicted to it. You can spend 24 hours watching this new series, or you can hit the gym more than you need so you end up hurting yourself; you just find a new distraction and you abuse it. That doesn’t sound healthy, right?

The thing is, we’re all prone to mental illness. It’s serious and it changes you every time you choose to ignore it, it destroys you every second and the consequences are never in your favor. If you feel that something is wrong please seek help because this is big. May you never face it. But if you do, well, now you know what to do.