7 Signs That Show That You’re A True Loner

If you’re reading this article right now, you’re definitely wondering if you’re a true loner or just pretending to be one. Unfortunately, loners are mistaken to be lonely people who suffer from some psychological disorders or depression, when in fact, they’re absolutely normal people who just enjoy their solitude away from the crowds.

Still wondering? Here are some indicators that will definitely help you figure out.


  • Overly crowded places drive you nuts

This doesn’t mean that you can’t be spotted blending in with the crowds from time to time. However, the more you stay and engage with people the more you feel uneasy and disturbed.

  • It takes you a lifetime to share something

You’re not this person who automatically runs to their friends and give them a detailed report about what happened today or who you stumbled upon. You seldom speak out your thoughts or share personal stuff, which makes your personal life vague for too many people.

  • You need your own space, even in relationships

You appreciate this time you have by your own frequently. So when it comes to being in a relationship, you always need a partner who truly understands to what extent this space is a necessity to you, and won’t ever violate it or else they’ll be blacklisted.

  • Your circle is relatively small

You’re very picky when it comes to choosing your friends and you narrowly trust people, the reason why it takes you a lot to form friendships. So you’d rather have a few select friends with whom you can be your true self than a huge shattered group.

  • Mainstreams are not your thing

You’re less likely to follow new trends as long as they’re inconvenient to you, so for instance, people won’t find their news feeds bombarded with your detailed-life stories.

  • You never have plans for special occasions

Scheduling something for your birthday or the New Year’s Eve is never on your to do list. And if it happened that you have some certain plan, you’ll most probably do it away from the crowds.

  • Being dependent is not an option

So now that you’re perceived as a loner, the idea of someone helping you out won’t make you feel comfortable. You always go for doing stuff on your own, never relying on someone else.

If these signs apply to you, be sure that you’re a loner. But always remember that being a loner doesn’t mean you’re lonely!