4 Essential Fitness Apps You Need to Have on Your Mobile


As the summery season approaches, people tend to focus their attention on their physique to attain an adequate body shape by the commencement of the summer. To help you on your quest, we highlight 4 essential and free fitness apps that every proper plan must encompass.

1- RunKeeper

Tracking your ongoing run’s statistics isn’t an exclusive feature to treadmills anymore, thanks to RunKeeper app that allows you to manage all your physical activities, whether you were running, jogging or even walking. The app also provides you with some training plans that suit you exclusively based on the data you provide the app with, so make sure to download it on your mobile as soon as you can!

2- JEFIT: Workout Tracker Gym Log

Several apps have been entirely developed for facilitating Gym purposes, but the unique aspect of JEFIT app is its capability of recording your current progress in weight lifting so that you could put it against your impending developments, as well as recommending new workouts from its predefined database to be one of the most useful apps in this category.

3- MyFitnessPal

Your calorie intake could either make or break your diet and fitness plans, and to monitor your daily bites, we recommend MyFitnessPal mobile app that, through the 6 million foods stored on it, would be the perfect companion on your quest to achieve your desired goals. All you need to do is choose a goal and boom! you got yourself a new nutrition coach.

4- J&J Official 7 Minute Workout

You don’t have to surf the internet for hours to be more familiar with cardio workouts anymore as J&J Official 7 Minute Workout app has it all figured out! Through its rich database, the app supplies you with a great deal of feasible workouts and exercises regardless of your level of experience, so check it out before curating your plan.