That’s When You Should Get In A Relationship

Being a single girl in your twenties is extremely normal, but people just make it seem so weird. Actually, being a single person at any age is normal. The problem is the people surrounding you, they always think of you as someone who’s missing out on life, some clearly assume that you just have very high standards, others go around talking about how you’re going to end up alone, and well, you know it all…

But it’s completely fine, I’m single because I know my worth, and I have standards because I won’t let myself be miserable only for the sake of winning the title of girlfriend or Mrs.

And for all I know, we all deserve to be happy in relationships, which is why I believe that as a girl you should only get in a relationship when

1. He proves that he’s a man of his word

You don’t want a boy in your life. You don’t want someone who enters your perfectly fine life only to mess it all up and leave. You deserve a man; someone who does what he says, someone who loves you enough and is proud to show it to the world, someone who supports you and brings out the best in you, someone who puts you first, and someone who genuinely makes you happy. That’s someone you can tolerate all the downs and overcome all the obstacles to be with. Don’t just settle for less than what you deserve, girl.

2. You are emotionally ready

Don’t push yourself to be in a relationship only to satisfy others. I know, your parents want to be happy and tante Samia just can’t wait to see you in a white dress -even though you don’t know who she really is, but she just keeps praying to see you ‘fi beet gozek’- but none of those people is going to be there when you’re in a bad relationship, even tante Samia.

3. You experienced the things you want

You shouldn’t be waiting to get married only to got to that trip your parents didn’t agree to or get that belly piercing that your mom said you can have after you’re married. Why is achieving your goals related to someone else? Even if that is your potential husband. What if he’s not interested in the things you want to try? Or if you got a baby and it just became harder to do? It’s not okay to live your whole life without doing things that you’re capable of.

4. You understand yourself

How do you expect a man to understand you when you don’t understand yourself? You need to be at a good place in life. You’ll be able to know what’s best for you when you’re stable and when you know what you want out of this life. You shouldn’t make such big decisions when you’re at a bad place in your life and you just need someone to pull you out of it, that’s when you’re at your weakest.

5. You actually love the man!

It’s not a mind vs heart game, it’s something that needs both the mind and the heart to agree on. Yes, you need to think all the way through to know that he’s the right person. But, what’s a right person if you don’t love him? He could be everything you need, but you don’t have feelings for him. And what if you love someone but he’s just not right for you? You need someone that both your heart and your mind trust enough. And I know it sounds very hard to find when it’s said like that, but then again, you shouldn’t settle for less than what you deserve.

Just remember that not everybody is looking for relationships, and it’s fine. You could be someone looking for success in your career, adventures, or whatsoever… Maybe you want to share that with a person and maybe you’re happy on your own, enjoying every second of life the way you like, that’s totally fine as long as you’re happy.