Music Scene in the Middle East: Elissa Passes Out On Stage And Hiba Tawaji Is To Perform In Egypt In April

On February 2nd, Elissa tweeted she was getting ready for the Global Village concert in Dubai, but unfortunately she lost consciousness on stage during her performance.

Celebrities were worried and wished her a speedy recovery.

And on her side, Elissa replied thanking all of them for their concern.

Meanwhile in Egypt, people were over the moon because of the Music box concert that featured Jaddal, Aziz Maraka and Sharmoofers.

Later, Redbull fel share3 announced that Hiba Tawaji is to be there at the concert in April.

Hiba Tawaji is widely famous for her angelic voice that reminds you of the Lebanese legend, Fayrouz. Tawaji, the Lebanese soprano coloratura singer, actor and director took the lead role in the most famous Rahbani musicals. She also auditioned in The Voice France where her performance of Les Moulins de mon cœur/La Bidayi Wala Nehayi got the judges to stand up and applause.

All we can say is rest in peace our wallets.