7 Things To Take Care Of In A Relationship Other Than The Relationship

It’s crucial to be alert on how to make your relationship last, with no doubt. It is also crucial to put enough effort and care into the different sides of your relationship to make it as healthy as possible. But in addition to that, there are also several aspects in your own life that you should never miss on your way. Here are a few things out of the boundaries of a relationship put under the spot light that would sooner or later reflect on your relationship and your effectiveness as a partner.

1. Your Career

Progressing into your career will boost you with more confidence as a partner as much as a person. Never miss out on an oppurtunity that would ease out your chances to reach your goals just because you’re paranoid that it will affect your relationship. And always remember that a good partner should keep pushing you to become a more successful person not just a mediocre person who lies next to them all day doing nothing productive. So, always keep in mind that your academic/career goals aren’t more or less important than your relationship.

2. Your Friends.

It’s easy to tell yourself that a few hang outs with a friend thrid-wheeling with you and your partner will do. But that’s not exactly the right thing to do, because eventually your friends will grow out of it. It’s healthy to hang out with groups of friends including your partner but beware to always stay in touch rather than just curling up in a corner and sharing inside jokes with your partner. Your social life can be easily swallowed up in a relationship and summed up in one tiny circle of just you and your partner. Double dates can be a great way to keep it going as well, but besides that maybe you could try to go for boy/girl night outs or sleepovers. Try to stay in touch with a circle aside from your partner every now and then instead of constantly worrying about them not texting you back. Temporary/short timeout is crucial for your relationship because as healthy as it is to keep in constant touch with your partner, it is also important for you to keep things cool between you and your outer circle of friends. Try to always respond to people who check up on you and make time and space for other plans. None of it will affect your relationship if you stop worrying that it will.

3. Your Mental Health

One of the most important things to acquire for a healthy relationship and lifestyle is to make sure that you have a secure mental state. Some people choose to ignore that their mental health is going downhill because they fear it would ruin their relationship if they give it attention but the case is the exact contrary. A disturbed mental state ruins how you function in your daily life and not just in your relationship. It’s important to be alert of your mental being and to be aware of your emotions and how you’re reacting to them in your head. This is exactly how you engage into a relationship and get through shit happening.

4. Practicing Your Hobbies & Finding New Ones

It’s not okay if you feel deprived from playing a match or reading a book just because someone out there is waiting for your constant attention. The hour or two you will spend doing what you love will later on reflect on your mood and therefore make your conversation and time with your partner much sweeter and quieter. And what is the problem in engaging into new activities and finding new passions? It’s okay if your partner does not share the same interest. Go ahead and try, I’m sure they will be happy for you!

5. Your Family

Family always stays aside when you’re in a relationship because you’d rather hang out with your partner or go to the movies than share a meal with your cousins or grandparents. We all know that. But why not? You’ve got all week, can’t you skip a day for a good laugh with your family? Why not dump your phone in your room for a little while and stay outside with your parents and siblings for a small talk? Your partner won’t vanish. Trust me, if you choose not to put any effort with your family despite the drama, it will get heavier on you on the long run and affect your mental state as well as your attitude. Make time for yourself, you have plenty of it.

6. Your Past

Even though it doesn’t seem to be very significant, but it’s important to let go of grudges. It’s not about ex-es tracking you down or unrequited love that you cannot bear any longer. But there is always a way out. If you feel like any of your history is taking up a lot of your thinking maybe you should try to confront it and fix it to stay fresh and light in your relationship and outside of it.

7. Your Self-love

It’s fascinating to be able to pour your love into a person, but please do not forget to keep some of it for yourself. Remember, you cannot truly love someone the right way if you are not able to love yourself first.